Nicks at Port of Menteith Menu

The menus below are samples, and subject to availability at time of dining. Prices may vary depending on availability and supplier costs.

We work closely with local suppliers to produce a varying menu week by week to ensure we are always producing the freshest food for our customers.

Nick’s at Port of Menteith offers your palate one serious explosion of flavour! Trust us, this menu is truly an experience!




Gordal Olives 4 (Vg*) (Gf*)

House marinade


Wild Hearth Sourdough 3.5 (V*) (Gf*)

Whipped French butter, smoked sea salt




Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings 8

Hot sauce


Nick’s Original Cure Smoked Salmon 12 (Gf*)

Caviar, apple, kohlrabi, dill, buttermilk, sourdough


Squid Tempura 9.5

Vietnamese dipping sauce


Curried Cauliflower 8 (Vg*)

Garden chard, spring onion


Salad of Warm Peppered Goats Cheese 8.5 (V*) (Gf*)

Roasted beetroot, candied walnuts, house vinaigrette


Seafood Cocktail 12 (Gf*)

Nick’s cure smoked salmon, king prawns, crayfish, avocado, Nick’s cocktail sauce, cos lettuce


Burrata 8 (V*) (Gf*)

Tomato, lemon, olives, salsa verde


Brie Pot (for 2) 15.5 (V*) (Gf*)

Rosemary, chilli, pizza bianco for dipping





Nick’s House Made Cheeseburger 15

House made pork and beef patty, Emmenthal cheese, pancetta, trimmings, house burger sauce, garden salad, skinnies

Double up your patty 3


Chargrilled Lemon and Garlic Chicken Breast 16.5 (Gf*)

Chargrilled vegetables, cous cous, fresh herbs, citrus, vine tomatoes, chilli, EVOO


Denhead Farm Asparagus Risotto 20 (Gf*) (V*)

Wild mushrooms, rocket, parmesan

Add fresh summer truffle shavings 3


Steak Frites (served rare) 22 (Gf*)

200g chargrilled Scotch bavette, garlic butter, skinnies, garden salad


Scrabster Landed Seafood Linguine 21

Today’s selection of fresh market fish and shellfish, parmesan


Summer Rigatoni 16

Crispy pancetta, Italian fennel sausage, polytunnel peas, parmesan


Salad of Warm Peppered Goats Cheese 17 (V*) (Gf*)

Roasted beetroot, candied walnuts, house vinaigrette


Scrabster Witch Sole Goujons 19

House tartare sauce, garden salad, skinnies


Peppered Scotch Beef Fillet Strips (served well done) 24.5 (Gf*)

Whiskey and mushroom sauce, rocket and parmesan salad, skinnies



Ask about our gluten free pizza bases!


The Margherita 12 (V*)

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Parmesan, Basil, Buffalo Mozzarella


The Prosciutto 15

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Prosciutto, Parmesan,  Rocket,  Garden Pesto


The Napoli 13

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Anchovies,  Olives, Capers, Parmesan, Oregano


The Classic Pepperoni 14

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte,  Premium Salsiccia, Parmesan


The Nick’s Meat Feast 16

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Salami, Salsiccia, Nduja, Italian Fennel Sausage


The Garlic Mushroom 13 (V*)

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Roasted Garlic Mushrooms, Parmesan, Garden Pesto


The Italian Fennel Sausage 15

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, Italian Fennel Sausage, Red Onion, Chilli Flakes, Parmesan


The Nduja 14

San Marzano Tomato, Fior de Latte, N’duja, Spinach, House-made Ricotta, Roast Red Pepper


The Veggie 13 (V*)

Roast Red Pepper, House-made Ricotta, Spinach, Confit Cherry Tomatoes



The perfect starter – or, why not add a salad and fries and make it a main!


Chicken Tikka 10

Makhani sauce, pickled onions, chilli


Buffalo Mozzarella 10 (V*)

Confit tomato, crispy parma ham, pecorino


Slow Cooked Soy Beef 12

Ginger, kimchi, wasabi mayo


Roast Veg 9 (V*)

Pesto, feta, couscous


Torched Mackerel  9

Pickled cucumber, dill, nasturtium




Skinny fries 3.5


Chilli and parmesan skinnies  4.5


Rocket and parmesan salad  4 (Gf*)


Garden salad 4 (Gf*) (Vg*)


Bianco focaccia 8 (V*)



Nick’s Chocolate Pot  7.5 (Gf*) (V)

Crème chantilly, honeycomb, white choc soil

Orange and Almond Cake  6.5 (Gf*) (V)

Greek yoghurt, pistachio, local Callander honey

Passionfruit Pannacotta 8 (Gf*)

Mango sorbet, cumin tuille, mango salad

Lemon Posset 8 (Gf*) (V)

Shortbread, orange caramel

Affogato 5 (Gf*) (V)

Double espresso over 2 scoops of ice cream

Add a shot of Baileys 3.5


Why not try our dessert wine…

75ml Chateau Kalian Bernasse Monbazilliac 6

or a Liqueur Coffee?

Baileys, Amaretto or Drambuie  7

 Whiskey 8.75